Lomwe People of Malawi

Lomwe people can be found in Malawi they are related to the Yao people, Sena people, Chewa people, Nyanja people and Tonga people. Lomwe people are part of the Batu speaking people or Batu branch they originated from Present day Mozambique they were part of the Ngonde Kingdom it was ruled by Kyungu between 1500- 1800 the Lomwe are craftsmen the men make straws and mat for sitting or sleeping on floors the women make clay pot for cooking the Tchopa dance traced the origins back to Present day Mozambique this Tchopa dance is preformed by Lomwe during wars and ceremonies such as Festivals and other cultural events according to the Lomwe tradition each Lomwe build their own houses of mud bricks and grass during Colonial era Colonialism affected Urbanization among the Lomwe. Lomwe inherit from their maternal side their ancestors passed possessions from generations to generations so each lomwe inherit lands and many things passed down by their ancestors each Lomwe belongs to a family clan .


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