Spiritual Leader& Queen Muhumuza of East Africa.

Queen Muhumuza An African Warrior and Priestess or Spiritual leader of East Africa.
Queen Muhumuza was born in  Present day Uganda others claimed  the birth date is believed to be not recorded according to Anthropologist others claimed she was born in the early 1800s in Present day Rwanda  She was a Spiritual Leader also referred as Priestess who was a Queen and Warrior she was influential in Present day Rwanda and Present day Uganda from 1850-1950 she formed an army and fought the Germans she was detained by the British in Kampala, Uganda in 1913 it is claimed she had expanded her Kingdom by capturing parts of Kigezi in Southern Uganda and her palace was in Rwanda, they interned her in what is now present day Bukoba untill 1911 she was released and escaped as an African traditional  Priestess  or Spiritual leader  she gave a prophecy that bullets shot at her will turned into water others considered her as Kuhani she was the wife of a King called King Rwabugiri she was a Nyabingi who instructed her followers to search for a scared drums called Kalinga, her son became the next King and her followers would received cows she exiled and used Nyabingi to fight the Colonial masters and performed many miracles by passing through a hard rocks and many other miracles,  others claimed she was rather from Rwanda and settled in Uganda she led a revolt then was held under house arrest for the rest of her life as a feared political force.  She spent her adulthood throughout in Kampala, Uganda there were four servants selling her cows milk the British feared her Influence and awaken spirit of Patriotism so she was never allowed to return back home to Present day Southwest Uganda but that was not the end of her.  King Musinga was captured by the Europeans in 1908 later he collaborated with the Germans until he was deposed by the belgians in 1931 for the lack of co-operation and for refusing to convert to the Catholicism.  According to the Oral history there was a Queen called Nyabingi she was considered as a Strong and brave woman who ruled the Kingdom of Karagwe in Present day northwest region in Tanzania, the Karagwe was one of the greatest Kingdom it is said Queen Nyabingi married King Ruhinda of Mpororo Kingdom it is believed King Ruhinda planned and wanted to overthrow his wife out of jealousy and envy he ordered soldiers to kill his wife the ghost of Nyabinghi hunted him until he passed away,  Queen Muhumuza was a window of Rwabugiri the  ruler of Mwami Empire in the late 19th Century he was considered to be one of the powerful leader the Germans first contacted her when her husband died later the Hutus and Tutsi culminated genocide in 1994. According to Tutsi Anthropologist it is claimed she was from the Bakiga ethnic group and was guarded by a Tutsi man which is one of her followers she was carried in a basket .

Muhumuza Palace in Rwanda.


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